CARPACCIO FROM BEEF SIRLOIN marinated in basil pesto, with sunflower seeds, arugula salad, Parmesan cheese, drops of olive oil and toast_115
HOMEMADE HUMMUS with arugula salad, olive oil and chili peppercorn, served with crispy toast_89
OUR DUCK LIVER PATÉ with cranberries, balsamic reduction, roasted almonds and toast_89
TORTILA roasted with grilled chicken, barbecue salsa, arugula salad, and cheddar_79
BAKED CAMEMBERT CHEESE with cranberries and Provencal spices, and served with toast with basil pesto_85
MARINATED SAUSAGE with onion, mustard and black pepper, and served with crispy bread_79
2 PIECES OF CLUB SANDWICH with chicken breasts marinated in fresh herbs, mustard mayonnaise, and arugula salad_79
MARINATED WHITE-COATED CHEESE with chili peppercorn, garlic, red onion and served with crispy bread_79
TOMATO with basil pesto and Parmesan cheese_55
GRILLED STEAK FROM MARINATED CHICKEN BREAST with fresh mixed salad and olive oil_169
BEEF CHEESEBURGER with cheddar cheese, salad, onion, tomatoes, and served with our fries_169
BEEF GUAC BURGER with avocado guacamole sauce, light garlic aioli mayonnaise, tomato, and salad, and served with our fries_179
BEEF BOURBON BURGER with pancetta, arugula salad, Jim Beam sauce and our homemade fries_179
DOUBLE BEEF CHEESE/GUAC/BOURBON BURGER with two pieces of meat and served with our homemade fries_239
GRILLED GOAT CHEESE on honey with cranberry reduction and served with fresh salad_175
THREE-HUNDRED-GRAM PORK COLLAR STEAK with pepper sauce and our steakhouse fries_179
GRILLED NORDIC SALMON STEAK with buttery basil purée and lime sauce_229
PORK TENDERLOIN marinated in thyme and garlic with smoky demi-glace sauce and served with mashed potatoes_189
Ketchup or mayonaise_15
Fresh mixed salad_69
BEEF CHEEKS ON RED WINE slowly roasted and served with carrot purée_189
SVICKOVA beef with cream sauce, cranberries and Carlsbad dumplings with parsley_169
CHICKEN SCHNITZEL with beetroot potato salad_169
BEEF GOULASH with red onion and our Carlsbad dumplings with parsley_169
LEMON CHEESECAKE with cranberry reduction_69